About Anam Cara

Meditation . Music . Mantra


Anam Cara is Gaelic for soul friend.


Anam Cara represents a place of belonging, a place of connection both within yourself and with the greater forces of life. That is exactly what you can find on this little piece of the internet.

Through original music, mantra and articles on meditation, mindfulness and inspiration, you can find this space of connection for yourself.


As a wellness lifestyle blog, you can find a variety of articles to help you to bring awareness and balance to your mind, body and spirit. Blog topics include; meditation, mindfulness, yoga, energy work, mantra, self-love, motivation and inspiration.


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Anam Cara Music

Jon Butler-Meadows

Saxophone/ Guitar / Mandolin / Lute / Vocals / Flutes


Emily Butler-Meadows

Celtic Harp / Guitar / Violin / Vocals



– About Anam Cara Music  –

Anam Cara is a duo consisting of Multi-Instrumentalist musicians Jon and Emily Butler-Meadows.


They met many moons ago at a Mind Body Spirit fair and quickly fell in love.  At the time, Jon had completed his university degree in music and Music Technology. Jon was exploring the relationship between music and sound, and how they can be utilised to create vibrationally healing uplifting pieces.

Together, Jon and Emily explore with combining different genres alongside a variety of musical instruments, to create a unique heartfelt musical performance.

Their music spans from high-frequency meditation music ideal for meditation, yoga and reiki practice. To a unique blend of instruments and voice creating a Celtic New Age Folk sound, with a Gypsy twist.


The name Anam Cara, Gaelic for “Soul Friend”, embodies the influences of an ancient mystical past from Celtic England, Scotland, Wales and the Gaelic tradition of Ireland.

For Emily and Jon, the name Anam Cara is the embracing of one’s true nature and awareness of the pure spirit and soul that resides within each and every one of us. Anam Cara represents a collective consciousness, a community that is based on love and respect for nature and the different aspects of divinity.


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