What are your goals? What do you want to be better at? What do you want to achieve in life? I know that they may seem like random questions. You just want to know how to reprogram your brain with visualisation to achieve your goals, but that will come soon. Right now, before you can learn and incorporate any new habits for success, the first thing you need to know, is what you want. 

Before you continue reading this post or watching the video below, just try a super quick exercise;


Simply stop what you are doing, sit back and take a breath. Think about what you want in life right now. Do you want a loving partner that you connect with, do you want to achieve success in your career, acquire financial freedom… If you want more than one thing, for the moment, just think and focus on one…


Do you have your desire in your mind?


Brilliant… Read on, because this video is going to help you to manifest and make your idea, your desire, your dream become a reality! If you give it a chance ūüôā



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Reprogram Your Brain With Visualisation To Achieve Your Goals



In this video, Mel Robbins explains through science and research why you must become a master at visualisation.

Visualisation is an extraordinarily powerful skill, also known as the law of attraction or manifesting. Our brains¬†have a unique system called the ‘Reticular Activating System‘. It consists of a network of neurons which act as a filter system.


The filter system allows certain information into your brain and locks out other information. The filter is programmed by you and from other people in your life or from your past.

An example of how the system works; If you constantly feel like your unlovable, the Reticular Activating filter system is going to point out evidence to confirm that negative belief that you have. This means that out of all of the information that we take in from our daily lives, your brain will focus on processing input confirming those beliefs. Why? because you programmed it to.


Confrimation bias‘ is where you love to read things that you agree with and this is because it confirms your filter. We have this filter because if your brain let in everything, it would be incredibly overwhelmed. Imagine taking in every little bit of¬†detail from a Facebook home page, or you go to a shopping centre and your brain takes in every detail. Your brain would melt down because there is simply too much to take in.

The system protects your brain by filtering in information and only letting in information that you agree with.


How Does Visualisation Work?

You can reprogramme your filter using visualisation, to filter into your brain what you want. From doing this, your brain will take in information based on what you want from your visualisation, for e.g. opportunity, evidence etc.

You can carry out a simple short visualisation exercise. First, take the goals that you wrote down earlier.

If your goal is to improve yourself, visualise what your life looks like and how you’re going to feel about yourself when your self worth has improved.



Two Easy Steps to Visualisation

1- Close your eyes. In your mind have a specific picture of what it looks like in your life when you are achieving your goals. For e.g. when your self worth has improved,  see yourself speaking up at work,  leaving bad relationships, see yourself going to the gym etc.

2- When you visualise the image of that, consciously think of the positive emotions that you will feel. For e.g. proud, happy, greatful that you made this change in your life.



What Happens From Visualisation


By visualising, you are training your brain to have a totally different filter.

Your brain does not know the difference between real memories of what actually happened to you, and what you imagine is happening to you.

Your brain will experience you visualising, for e.g. going to the gym. It then encodes it as a real memory. This changes the filter system. Research shows that the more you visualise things, the greater your confidence is going to be.

Studies have proved that simply visualising yourself doing things consistently, for e.g. 30 seconds every day, that you actually develop the skill. Therefore visualisation actually helps you to improve your skills, just as if you were actually doing them!


manifesting your goals with visualisation


Visualisation helps you to build skills

You start to believe what you think because you are reprogramming your brain. You are changing the network of neurons that act as a filter in your brain. The more that you believe, the more skills you build and you are going to achieve.



Reprogramme Your Brain With Visualisation To Achieve Your Goals

30 Day Visualisation Exercise


Every day for the next 30 days, take 30 seconds each day to close your eyes and visualise what it looks like in your life when you achieve your goals this year. How does it feel?

If you would like some help to keep up with your daily visualising, you can download this free template below, including a checklist, prompts and tips!



I hope you enjoyed this article, and that you are already coming up with ideas of the goals and life that you want to create! Share your experience in the comments below. ūüôā



Thank you



Emily x



Reprogramme Your Brain With Visualisation To Achieve Your Goals







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