If you have not come across Cymatics before, you are in for a treat! Cymatics are absolutely incredible, they help us to comprehend exactly how we can be affected by sound waves on a physical level. They also share with us an insight into deeper levels of reality that not many people are aware of. In this post, you will not only be able to read about the wonders of Cymatics but also see them for yourself! Are you ready?



What Are Cymatics?

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The short definition; Cymatics is the science of visualising audio frequencies. What does this mean exactly?

Cymatics science of sound by Anam Cara Music

If you were not aware before, there is a deeper reality behind music and sound. If we perceive deeper then the type of music being played, the genre, the instruments used etc. Music is a term we use to describe a sound or a combination of sounds. Furthermore, sound itself is produced when something vibrates. 

This is where it gets realllllyyyy interesting…

Cymatics are being used in experiments which actually allow us to see the visual representation of sounds or music being played. This is incredible as you can visually see the waveforms that a certain type of music is producing, and from this, you can see the effect this may have on your wellbeing. 



How Are  Cymatics Produced?


Simple experiments to demonstrate cymatics can be carried out by sprinkling sand onto a metal plate and then vibrating the plate. Usually, the metal placed is placed on top of a PA system or a very large speaker. Which also allows you to play almost any type of sound, and see how the cymatics wave patterns alter for different sounds. 

Below you can see an image of different cymatics produced, from playing the different notes on a piano from A (high octave) to G# (the octave below). The higher the sound frequency used, the more complex the shapes produced.


cymatics the science of sound and music

Image credit to Aetherforce



An Experiment Into Cymatics


Below you can check out a video, which will show you an experiment into Cymatics and allow you to see for yourself how these shapes and mandalas are formed. Video courtesy of Nigel John Stanford.






How Can Cymatics Help Me?


This is only the first stage of science, in the process of sharing with the public the deeper levels of understanding, knowledge and reality behind music, sound and vibration. Further research will show you that different images are produced for different types of sound and music. Therefore visually showing to you that the different types of music that we listen to does actually affect us on a physical level.

Holistic healing practitioners are using this knowledge and incorporating it into their healing practices, through toning, and sound healing using gongs and drumming. Toning is where sound practitioners use sound waves transmitted from the human body, to normalise any imbalances and to synchronise the cells frequencies back to their natural state of vibrational resonance.

If you would like to explore the healing qualities of sound for yourself, I would highly recommend looking into participating in a Gong bath, drumming circle, or even other sound practices such as yoga nidra and meditation with sound.



Further Reading On Sound


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Sound blessings


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