Today is a momentous day in my life. Today I have ticked something off my to-do list that has been on it for 6 years! The amusing thing is that to complete the overdue task took merely 1 hour 30 minutes of my time.
The task to which I am referring is a home study course, a distance learning course that I had been carrying out in Crystal Healing. Technically I completed the main chunk of the course about 4 years ago but I had been putting off the part where I collate my work and check everything.
Are you guilty of putting off what are most likely simple tasks? Maybe its the fear of the unknown that comes from finishing a project, what comes next? Or perhaps it is the anxious feeling that if you complete something, you may not achieve the results that you desire, and so you never complete the task to delay that sense of judgement.

How Meditation Can Help To Increase Your Productivity



If you, like myself, have been guilty of putting off tasks or you are currently doing that right now, I have a tip for you that helped me out…





The simple practice of giving yourself space and time to sit and be in the present moment can work wonders!


I have meditated for years now but never in a disciplined regular routine. However, recently I have developed a meditation practice, meditating 10-15 minutes every day for the past 4 months. I am astounded how much this consistent practice has improved my life.


There are so many benefits to meditation that I could write a separate blog post to share these. However in relation to productivity and completing those never-ending tasks meditation can really help you!

Meditation provides a sense of clarity. It can help to clear away mental clutter and noise, leaving you feeling more focused on what is truly important. We all carry around our thoughts quite often referred to as the “monkey chatter mind.”

By meditating consistently, even starting once per week for only 5 minutes,  can tremendously help you to gain a sense of peace and clarity in your life.

From quietening your thoughts and chatter, being able to set aside the mental clutter. It is incredible how this can make room for new energy and gift you with this productive energy.

We could compare your mind to a desk. A cluttered busy desk with no clear surface makes it difficult to achieve anything new because most of the time you are focusing on what is in front of you, the clutter.


Whereas when you clear your desk or clear away those unwanted thoughts, you create a clean fresh space where new ideas can grow and old projects can finally get completed.





I hope that you enjoyed reading this post!  Have you had any experience of meditating, or would you like to know more? Please let me know in the comments below!



Wishing you a sense of peaceful production…



Emily x

Meditate to Increase Your Productivity With Meditation







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